Sunday, 1 September 2013

September is Womb Cancer Awareness Month.

Well, its now September 1st and that means we are at the start of  our Womb Cancer Awareness campaign 2013.

We have been running an awareness month since 2011 so this will be our 3rd campaign.

We have lots planned and we hope that you will join us in raising awareness of womb cancer.

It's regarded as a rarer cancer, but still almost 9,000 women each year in the UK are being diagnosed, with around 1,900 dying as a result. And the numbers are rising!

That is why campaigns like this are vital in raising awareness of a cancer that not many women have heard of.

Most women know all about checking their boobs and going for a mammogram to detect breast cancer and going for your smear tests to detect cervical cancer, and again most women have heard about ovarian cancer, but time again we hear from women who had never heard of womb cancer until they were diagnosed with it.

There are no national womb cancer campaigns, so its left to women like us - survivors and women who are living with womb cancer - to shout from the rooftops and help raise awareness and stop the numbers of new diagnoses from rising.

If you are on Facebook then you can join us here and be part of our campaign to turn FB peach.
From there you can access our FB page and print off some posters to display at you local health centre or surgery. You can also request some leaflets which we will gladly send you that you can ask your surgery to display; or indeed anywhere that women will see them!

Throughout September we will sharing with you here some stories from women who have gone through womb cancer. These women have agreed to share their story to help raise awareness.

We have lots planned so please join us on our FB page or follow us on twitter and keep up to date with what we are doing.

Together we are stronger.

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